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VIS Concrete Design Program – Introduction

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VIS was developed by CSI Italia, with the intent of expanding SAP2000 and ETABS design capabilities to meet specific Eurocode requirements.
Development of VIS started in 2004 and continues through these days, striving to make the CSI programs ever more suited for use in the European market
  • Hello, everybody… and welcome to this presentation of the program VIS… a quality concrete design tool.
  • If you are a CSI user and like to work with the Eurocodes as a code of reference, then VIS could be the software you have been looking for.
  • VIS is a plugin for the programs SAP2000, ETABS and CSI Bridge. While attaching seamlessly to them, it acts as their postprocessor and greatly enhances their concrete design capabilities.
  • This, however, does not make VIS a substitute, but rather a complement to the CSI’s built-in design features.
  • VIS expands those features going into greater detail. It empowers you with full control of the design process and provides comprehensive information ready to be transferred to your calculations report and working drawings.
  • It all starts with the CSI programs. With them, you create the model, run the analysis, check the results, and figure out a reasonable size for your concrete members.
  • Then from the CSI tool menu, you enter VIS and start looking at reinforcing.
  • The work is done in a two-step process: first, the program populates automatically the entire structure with preliminary reinforcing, then you step in and adjust the reinforcing to your needs while, at the same time, managing all code checks and design nuances.
  • All design areas are addressed: Strength, Capacity, Serviceability and Detailing Provisions (that is: limits of reinforcing and geometry).
  • This action is carried out in an interactive environment where you can define size, position, and length of every single rebar, have it checked for code compliance, and, in the end, pass the information to the drafting board.
  • That’s it, for now… Thank you for being with us!

If you would like to know more about VIS

Contact us on info@vis-concretedesign.com, or see our youtube channel.

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