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Sections and Reinforcing

Member section geometry is typically imported from the SAP, ETABS or CSiBridge model. 

You can however edit these sections or create new ones. The input is parametric: available shapes are Generic, including hollow sections, Rectangular, Circular, T and L shapes. Sections can subsequently be rotated to any angle. Wall sections can have many legs and can be open or closed.


Preliminary reinforcing can be provided by the Design Wizard.

Independently from the Wizard, you can define or edit the reinforcing of any section directly. This for all concrete members: beams, columns, wall piers and wall spandrels. Powerful tools, both parametric and graphic, make reinforcing management very simple. 


On the screen right, a section property summary is provided in real time, while you edit reinforcing.

Reinforcing representation is extremely accurate, accounting for correct concrete cover, rebar size and spacing, bend radius, hook dimensions, etc.

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Sections and Reinforcing Frame Tools | VIS Concrete Design
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Sections and Reinforcing Wall Properties | VIS Concrete Design
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