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Combinator is a plug-in tool for the generation of load combinations sets based on Eurocode provisions.


SAP2000 and the other CSi programs allow for the automatic generation of a limited number of design combos. There are good reasons for this. Among Eurocode users, however, the tendency seems to be for larger numbers. Combinator helps speed up the process of defining these larger numbers, while avoiding unmanageable excesses.


After all load cases have been defined with SAP2000, Combinator can be used to:
  • Classify each load case with the proper type of action, load and category as defined in EC-1.

  • Set filters deemed adequate to limit the number of combinations

  • Select the Limit States for which the Combinations should be generated. These are the reference limit states from EC- 0. Precisely

    • STR Structural (non Seismic) ULS
    • QKE Seismic ULS
    • EQU Equilibrium ULS
    • GEO Geothecnical ULS
    • CHR Characteristic SLS
    • FRQ Frequent Service SLS
    • QPR Quasi-Permanent SLS
  • Select the summation mode. Either Linear or Range add. This is intended for checkered live load patterns.

  • Generate the desired combinations

  • Review the results from a spreadsheet and edit where required.

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