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VIS for SAP2000, ETABS and CSiBridge

The VIS Program

VIS is a family of plug-in programs based on the latest version of Eurocodes and providing reinforced concrete design for SAP2000, ETABS and CSiBridge.

VIS focuses on design of concrete beams, columns, beam/column joints, wall piers and wall spandrels.

Both regular concrete provisions from Eurocode 2 and special seismic provisions from Eurocode 8 are enforced. The design process includes two steps. First, preliminary reinforcing is automatically assigned by the program to all concrete members based on user-defined design rules. Next, the reinforcing is graphically refined by the user with the aid of various design and check tools.

VIS Software Features
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VIS Software Features
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VIS Software Features
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System Requirements

  • VIS and Combinator are compatible with the following CSi America software: SAP2000 v20 and newer, ETABS v18 and newer and CSiBridge v20 and newer.
  • SPF is compatible with the following CSi America software: SAP2000 v20 and newer, ETABS v18 and newer and CSiBridge v20 and newer.
  • Towers is compatible with the following CSi America software: SAP2000 v24 and newer.
  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows 10 and 11.
  • All other hardware requirements similar to those of SAP2000, ETABS and CSiBridge.



CSI Italia was founded in 1990 as the distributor for Italy of the software produced by Computer & Structures, Inc. of Berkeley, California, commonly known as CSI.


In 2004, compelled by the need to customize for the Italian market the program SAP2000, we began working on a small application for the design and check of concrete sections, based on Italian codes.


We named the app VIS, which is the acronym for Verificatore Italiano di Sezioni, or Italian Section Designer. VIS is also the Latin word for strength. Since our calculations were based on the Strength Design method, the name seemed very appropriate.

Given the success of the first version, we were encouraged to keep working on the app and expand the original purpose. Soon, doing slender columns, we realized the necessity for the design of whole members, rather than just simple sections.


From there, it seemed logical to go from one to many members, finally ending up dealing with the entire structural model. Walls were added to beams and columns. Next, we devised a utility, which we called the Wizard, capable of generating preliminary reinforcing in a completely automatic way. We began implementing other procedures in addition to Strength Design: first Capacity, then Serviceability and finally Limits of Reinforcing and Geometric Provisions. VIS became a plug-in tool not only for SAP2000 but also for the CSI programs ETABS and CSiBridge.


The following step was to move from the Italian codes to the European codes, which, by that time had become very similar. 

We also added some ACI design features: this was done mainly because of the need to have the calculations verified using third party software. The final step was to translate everything in English and start looking for markets outside of Italy.


During our efforts we were greatly supported by the mother company, Computers & Structures, Inc. 

They first provided the implementations required to move our software inside their programs, as a plug-in, later they developed a series of API which made our work much easier.


At present we are working on extending the use of the Wizard to walls, as well as beams and columns. In the next few years, the big goal will be moving into the production of working drawings. Some of this can already be seen in the present version of VIS.

VIS Youtube Channel

See VIS Concrete Design Software From Analysis to Design in action when you visit our Youtube channel.