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Seismic Performance Finder

Seismic Performance Finder (“SPF”) – Currently available for Italian NTC only

This is one of the VIS family of tools. It applies a procedure recommended in certain countries as an instrument for evaluating the Seismic Performance of Building Structures.

The procedure itself is not part of any provision from the Eurocodes, but many of the concepts used here are derived from them.

Based on a design Response Spectrum provided by the user and on the reinforcing designed by VIS, the application executes two sets of calculations. First, Peak Ground Acceleration and Return Period are calculated, corresponding to the attainment of the first No-collapse limit event in the structure. Separate values are calculated for ductile (moment) and fragile (shear) collapse modes. Second, the same calculations are performed for the Damage Limitation state.

From the results the program derives a Safety Index depicting the seismic proficiency of the structure.

The whole process is highly iterative and involves SPF interacting with SAP, while managing many Response Spectrum analysis runs.

eismic Performance Finder (“SPF”) | VIS Concrete Design Software
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