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Detailing Provisions

Detailing Provisions

The detailing provisions, considered here, refer to limits of reinforcement and to concrete geometrical constraints. These provisions derive from both the concrete and the seismic sections of the code. Detailing provisions are supported only in “Check” mode. 

Results are immediately reported on the “Detailing and limits of reinforcing” window. This window provides very accurate information on all provisions addressed and on reasons of failure, if any. The relevant code section is reported as well. A green, red, and yellow color code is used to mark checks that passed, failed, or are not applicable.

Provisions refer to the following general topics:
  • concrete section minimum dimensions 
  • limits of longitudinal reinforcing, both minimum and maximum
  • limits of transverse reinforcing, both minimum and maximum
  • limits of confinement reinforcing
  • reinforcement ratios
Detailing Provisions Reinforcing Limits | VIS Concrete Design
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