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Towers in an integrated plugin for SAP2000, that can be purchased independently from VIS, which includes specific functionalities for the analysis of multistory buildings.
After the installation has been completed, the plugin can be executed directly from the SAP2000 “Tools” menu.

Towers definition

The standard workflow implies, as an initial step, the definition of one or more “towers” through the dedicated interface available from the main window. All the towers will be directly saved inside the .sdb file of the model and, therefore, it will typically not be necessary to re-define them in any subsequent session.

Towers in an integrated plugin for SAP2000 | VIS Concrete Design

Once one or more towers have been defined, the following operations will be made available.

Calculation of tower properties

By clicking on the button “Calculate”, within the group “Towers properties”, the following properties will be calculated for each tower of the model: floors centers of mass, floors centers of rigidity, floors torsional radii, floors polar radii and drift sensitivity coefficients (which measure the sensitivity to second order effects). At the end of the process, the corresponding tables can be selected and displayed by clicking on the button “Display tables…”. Once displayed, the tables can be directly exported to Excel.

Story response tables

Within this group of commands, it is possible to select a set of analysis/combinations, among those currently completed, and display the corresponding response tables in terms of maximum story displacements, maximum story drifts, story shears and story forces. Once displayed, the tables can be directly exported to Excel.

Story response plots

By clicking on this button, it is possible to display the diagrams of story displacements, story drifts, story shears and story forces over the height of the building. Animation of the results can be created for multi-step analysis or combinations.

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