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VIS Software Updates

Version 16.0.0

Released January 16, 2022

Release notes:

  • New ribbon tabs, for the design and check of all the different limit states at once.
  • Possibility to display the enveloped design results, including and excluding the detailing provisions, directly from the 3D interface.
  • Quick access to the member editor, through a right click on the contoured map.
  • Quick access to a dedicated context menu, through a right click on the object model.
  • Dedicated stirrups objects for the boundary regions of vertical walls.
  • Automatic design wizard, for transverse and confining reinforcement on shear walls.
  • Improved IFC export, to include boundary stirrups and internal ties of wall objects.

Version 15.3.0

Released October 3, 2022

Release notes:

  • New filter bar available for each object category inside the Navigation tab.
  • The in-plane bars of wall sections are now displayed as two separate rebars with bent anchors at each end and no more as a single rectangular object. The same enhancement has been applied to the .dxf and IFC export.
  • Possibility to select wall piers and spandrels directly through a mouse click or a selection band on the 3D view of the model.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Version 15.2.0

Released July 1, 2022

Release notes:

  • The boundary regions of critical and non-critical sections of vertical walls can now be fully customized. Two different lengths can be specified for each leg and, optionally, the user can delete the boundary region from any end.
  • A specific algorithm has been implemented to perform the automatic optimization of the boundary lengths based on the minimum cost. In addition, for critical sections of rectangular walls, the result of the optimization will eventually be further increased to account for the ductility requirements.
  • Each section cut associated to a vertical wall can now be set to be designed with uniform reinforcing or with reinforcing prevailing at ends of each leg, within boundary regions of appropriate lenghts. This attribute can be set independently for each wall.
  • Several enhancements to the walls Design Wizard have been implemented.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Version 15.1.0

Released April 4, 2022

Release notes:

  • The functionalities of the column editor have been greatly improved: the PMM and shear capacity checks of the joints are now visible from the editor window and a new dedicated “Joint” tab has been added to review and edit the joint shear reinforcing.
  • The Seismic Performance Finder plugin is now compatible withe Eurocode 8-3. The plugin allows for the automatic calculation of the critical elastic spectrum of existing RC buildings.
  • New functionality allowing the calculation of the elastic PMM domain of the sections using a parabolic stress distribution for the concrete in addition to the default linear distribution. This applies to the supported code only (NTC2018 and NTC2008).
  • Minor bug fixes.

Version 15.0.0

Released January 27, 2022

Release notes:

  • New plugin Towers for SAP2000 and CSiBridge now available. The new plugin provides extensive features for the analysis of multistory buildings like: calculation of centers of mass and rigidity, torsional flexibility check, test for second order sensitivity, calculation of maximum story displacement, maximum story drift, story forces, story shears and story response plots.
  • Information on joint shear reinforcing added to the column reinforcing table.
  • New functionality allowing the display only structural joints (joints connected to columns) added in the view option tab.
  • New functionality allowing the export the IFC of a wall directly from the reinforcing editor.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Version 14.3.0

Released October 1, 2021

Release notes:

  • New interactive diagram to plot the required top and bottom reinforcing in the beam editor. The new tool allows for the shifting of the required areas to account for shear-flexure interaction. It is also possible to perform  moments redistribution and plot of the current reinforcing.
  • New functionality allowing the export of the diagram of the required reinforcing in the .dxf layout.
  • Dedicated snaps to End-Ofssets and Critical Regions added in the extension panel of the beam editor.
  • New functionality allowing the export the .dxf layout of beam lines, column lines and walls directly inside the corresponding editor.
  • New functionality allowing the export of the IFC file of beam lines, column lines and walls directly inside the corresponding editor.

Version 14.2.0

Released July 6, 2021

Release notes:

  • New options to fully customize the contents of the calculation report.
VIS Concrete Design Software Updates 14.0.0 - 14.2.0
  • Deflection checks for beams as per EC2
VIS Concrete Design Software Updates 14.0.0 - 14.2.0
  • Members geometry and reinforcing can now be exported in IFC format.
VIS Concrete Design Software Updates 14.0.0 - 14.2.0
  • New Wizard algorithm for optimizing the layout of longitudinal reinforcing of columns.
  • Design checks for grade beams as per EC2 and EC8