Design wizard

The design wizard can be used to run a preliminary design of the entire structure and assign a start up reinforcing to each concrete member. The reinforcing assigned here is explicitly defined: number of rebars, size, location and spacing. Not just minimum required areas.

Much consideration is given to rebar continuity among adjacent elements.

The reinforcing thus obtained is designed to satisfy code provisions for Strength, and Capacity design and to meet Detailing provisions. Serviceability checks should be run independently, when required.

It should be noted that there is an infinite number of solutions for the reinforcing layout to satisfy code provisions. The choice of reinforcement is very personal and the solution proposed here is just one among many.

Consequently, this should be considered just as a preliminary design, to be used as a starting point from which to proceed with a more accurate definition of the final project. The remaining parts of the program are intended to assist the user in the reinforcing refinement phase, moving forward from draft to final definition and from there to drawings production.


Strength and capacity design