Automatic calculation report for beams, columns, walls and joints An extensive calculation report containing all the informations related to the design of concrete elements can be automatically generated. The report is saved in Word format and can be opened with any compatible text editor.
Summary of Results tables for Strength, Capacity, Serviceability and Detailing provisions These tables can be directly exported to Excel spreadsheets and are kept updated while the user runs additional design/checks.
Design tables provide minimum design areas for longitudinal and transverse reinforcing. 
Check tables provide Demand Capacity ratios from PMM and V checks of worst load conditions for all members, including frame segments, wall sections, and beam-column joints.
Color coded graphics with summary of results Demand/ Capacity ratios for all checks are represented with a color coded graphic display of the structural model. Where failure occurs, members are rendered in red.
Frame internal forces tables Internal forces tables for each element can be copied and pasted to Excel spreadsheets.
2D Interaction diagrams Interaction diagrams can be exported in EMF format (vector graphics used by Microsoft Word and other software). These are PM and MM interaction diagrams obtained during checks of single frame elements.
Interaction curves tables Tables with point coordinates of interaction curves can be copied and pasted to Excel spreadsheets. They can be obtained clicking the “Copy” button during checks of single frame elements.
Export of complete input and output data tables From the “File” menu by clicking the “Export” button, complete data tables for the model, including internal forces as well as design and check results can be exported to Excel or XML files. Note that these results occupy a single, very large worksheet.
Screen catches Screen catches of reinforced sections, 3D interaction diagrams, color-coded graphics of results, Ellipses of Inertia, and all other figures generated by VIS, can be obtained using the Alt-Stamp button combination from the keyboard.
Reinforcing layout sketches The reinforcing longitudinal layout of selected columns and beams can be viewed and exported to dxf files. Lap splice dimensions are program calculated based on code provisions.